TBT Behind the Scenes with Ralph Lauren Supermodel, Nacho Figueras

TBT Behind the Scenes with Ralph Lauren Supermodel, Nacho Figueras

WOW!  Can’t believe it’s been two years since I got the call, “Caitlin your heading to NYC to style Nacho Figueras and his father for a Johnnie Walker Blue label ad, you in?”  I thought to myself, “Really?  You have to ask me am I in?”  From that point on it was all a blur.  I was flown up to NYC and hit the pavement running to start pulling all the looks for the shoot.  Lucky for me he only wears Ralph Lauren, but trust me it was still a challenge to get anyone to call me back.  Pretty sure I sat on hold for two days straight.  I even went into Macy’s and went to the Ralph Lauren Black Label section and said, “Hi, my name is Caitlin and I have to style that guy that is on the GIANT picture behind  you and on these other 5 pictures your surrounded in can you help?”  Needless to say I didn’t get much accomplished there either. After maxing out my CC (each suit is at least $6000 I needed 80, and my friends CC, don’t forget I had to shop for his dad too, I headed home with all my bags.  Think I’m done? No, I still needed more options, I needed tuxedos as well!!! My credit cards were maxed out, my bank account was drained and still no one was calling me back.  Luckily, I lived in NYC for 5 years prior to this shoot and had one of the best roommates ever who also happen to have everyone whose anyone number on speed dial.  I called her and told her everything I been through, she just laughed and said, “let me make a phone call”  next thing I know I was at the flagship store being waited on hand and foot by five Ralph Lauren models, I mean stylist, (they all looked like they just stepped out of the RL ad).  I told them what was needed, they had me sit in this big luxurious leather chair, brought out a bottle of champagne, clearly they could tell I needed a drink or the bottle, Oh and I can’t forget the cookies (I mean I needed a sugar rush too).  Next thing I know I was told the driver was coming around to bring me back to my girlfriends apartment, I was thinking OK now this is the life!!!  Well, back to reality, it was Sunday, the driver was not around.   I hopped in the cab with my 15 garment bags and schlepped my way up 3 flights of stairs.  I was done!!!! Now I just had to be up in 12 hours for the actual shoot.  Fast forward, the shoot went down without a hitch! Was defiantly one of the most surreal times of my life.  It was shot at the SoHo House in NYC and we had a scene outside in the middle of the street as well. The best part was the outside portion of the shoot.When I walked out the double doors and saw the shot set up on the cobble stone pavement, the lights up, Nacho standing there, I looked around and thought WOW can’t believe this is what I call work and that I’m in the middle of the Meat Packing district shooting this, it was such an amazing experience and was so thankful.  After that 10 second pause I was on my knees tying shoelaces:)

Below is the link for the behind the scenes video of my life as a stylist on this dream editorial shoot.

Enjoy! XoXo- Sauci Style

Sauci Style Behind the Scenes styling Nacho Figueras for Johnnie Walker Blue and Esquire Magazine 








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