Palm Beach Stripes

Palm Beach Stripes

I’ve been on a kick since last summer stocking up on skirts to wear during the scorching months South Florida has to offer.  A couple weeks ago I was at Saks in Boca and came across the cutest pinstripe ruffle “skirt.” I grabbed my size marched over to the fitting room tried it on and knew I needed it. I already had a list of places I’d be sporting it.  As I was checking out a lady behind me even said how adorable it was.  I showed her to the rack it was on and she purchased this “skirt” as well.  Well a few days later I receive an email from Saks asking if I’m satisfied with my latest purchase.  I open the email and there I learn that my “skirt” is actually a top! HAHA  As I looked at it and laughed I then thought to myself even better, it’s a 2fer! With that being said I have now worn it as a top and have received so many compliments on this little number.  It’s so light and effortless. Prose & Poetry is a new line Saks Boca has brought in and I’m really liking what I’ve seen so far. The clothing is made well and its a good price point.  It’s such a great piece for Summer and I will be rockin it as a top and a skirt:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Stay Sauci,



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