Sauci Got Blogged!

Sauci Got Blogged!

I had the pleasure and a long 5 hours of providing a Closet Rehab to one of the hottest bloggers on the scene, Angela Lutin!   If you have not read her blogs, you have been missing out!!!!   Ladies, hope you have a bottle of wine in the fridge because it’s going to be a long night of catching up with Angela. You will laugh, then cry, because your laughing so hard, then you will realize when you look at the clock that it’s 3am and you have had one of the most fun nights that you have had in a while followed up by a phone call to your girlfriend blabbing about Angela and then the cycle starts all over again with the friend.  Men, well, you will learn what women really think  about  you, sex, and bikini waxes without the Sex and the City theme song playing in the background!

Check out  what Angela had to say about Sauci in her blog below then get that bottle of wine ready because you will come addicted to Angela’s blogs at



“When was the last time you wore this?”

I could hear the question coming for the millionth time that afternoon from inside my closet. I look up from my laptop.

Ummm, let’s see. I wore that one to my sister’s bridal shower & she’s been married, like, 9 years….so, 9 years ago?”

“That’s my point exactly.  If you haven’t worn something in a season or two, just let it go! Ok?”

She is so nice and says it with that lovely slight Louisiana drawl leaving me helpless to do anything but nod my head in agreement.  By the time we get to the bridal shower dress, she’s won.  Oh, actually, she won a long time before.  I knew there would be no battles I could win with this style expert when she held up a gold dress and proclaimed, “It’s terrible.”  I whined back, “No, it’s not terrible.  It’s Missoni!”   “Put it on, please.  Let’s see.”  (she wasn’t messing around.) 

Once I got it on my body, there was no argument.  Not that I really had one anyway.  I looked like a bad version of Mrs. Roper.

Sauci Style had taken over my bathroom and she was deleting all the fashion violations that existed in my wardrobe. There were many. The brainchild of stylist, Caitlin Perrone,Sauci Style completes Closet Rehab for clients with an entire sweep of the existing clothing cache, removal of offending or outdated pieces, and establishes a needs list for the client. She’ll even shop for you to fill what’s missing.

Her execution is swift and decisive.  She doesn’t let you talk her into keeping items that don’t belong.  For example, I learned that my idea of throwing on a little denim miniskirt for the beach is a definite no-no. “Denim miniskirts should not be worn after the age of Abercrombie.”Touche. Not only am I not the age of Abercrombie, I’m the age of Abercrombie’s mom……and so go the miniskirts!  

What we discovered in the 4 hours, (yes, 4 non-stop hours), of Caitlin combing through my closet was that, I had a lot of garbage in there.  The good news was, for the most part, I wasn’t wearing it, but it was cluttering my closet and I couldn’t find the good pieces I had because of all the mess.

Caitlin changed that.  She organized all my clothes by groups, inspected for items needing repairs, changed out the hangers, and reorganized the shoes and handbags. By the time she was done, it looked like a completely different closet, one that I could actually see what I owned and would be able to coordinate outfits myself.

And this is what she purged……

Yeah, I know…..if they ever did an episode of closet Hoarders, I think they might want to come see me.

Sauci Style sent me a follow up list the next day of items I need to fill in the holes in my closet as well as a picture board of easy looks I can put together myself. It’s like Garanimals for the stylish woman. 


I asked Caitlin to give me the Must Haves for every closet:

1. white button down shirt- It’s classic & looks great on every body type.

2. dark denim jeans- can be dressed up or down

3. blazer in a neutral color 

4. denim jacket, vintage broken in style- your trendy piece

5. leather jacket- make sure to update every so often (I had one in my closet that was 10+ years old. It got tossed.)

6. white, gray, navy t-shirts- Vince makes great staple pieces and J Crew is budget friendly for everyday wear

7. nautical– navy and white stripped tee

8. nude pump– can wear with everything and a elongates legs

9. skinny leopard belt

10. the little black dress 


Caitlin’s Style tips for 2012:

Shorts are a good alternative to a dress.  They are versatile enough to go from day to evening.  Make sure it’s an age appropriate length! Wear with a silk tank, wedges, and a leather jacket. Chic and effortless. 

A great hat and sunglasses can change a look pronto. I never go anywhere without these.

Invest in a scarf in a color that pops, particularly if your closet is filled with neutrals. 





The pile of clothes to be discarded is still on my bathroom floor.  Don’t worry, I’ll get to it this weekend! In the meantime, Carmen has decided it’s her new bed.

And I only snuck one piece out of the pile…..

It was the sweatpants.  Uggh!  But it was only because I had no pajama pants clean tonight.  I swear, they go back in the pile tomorrow!



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