Wardrobe Essentials 101

Wardrobe Essentials 101

Ok friends lets talk wardrobe essentials 101.  Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during quarantine. My daily routine has changed quite a bit, even though I attempt to get up at 7am it doesn’t always happen.   I am still showering and putting make up on so that’s a plus.  How are you guys holding up?

So lets jump in! Hopefully some of you have been taking the time to clean out your closet, drawers and get organized.  Yes? No? Maybe?  If that is a yes, I’m sure you tossed out the items that you no longer where, are ill fitting and now are scrolling through all the sales with your drink of choice just adding everything you see to your cart?  HOLD UP!!! Before you hit that “complete purchase order” you need to make sure your wardrobe is well stocked with the essentials every female should have in her closet no matter age, lifestyle or budget.

Why essentials?  I believe we should all have the basics in our wardrobe for many reasons.  One, it makes day to day dressing easier. Think of your essentials as the building blocks of your everyday wardrobe. Second, they have longevity, so if you are going to invest in a piece you are most likely going to invest in something that you can go to time and time again versus a trendy item that you will discard a few seasons later. Do I have you convinced yet?

Below are some  (not all) of my essentials you should be adding to your cart along with my latest IGTV on How I style my essentials.

The Trench Coat:  It’s the perfect light weight layering piece and a go to for me when the weather is transitioning.  Oh and it keeps you dry, living in Florida you can walk into the store, sun shinning perfect beach day weather and walk out 3 min later to a hurricane. I’m wearing the H&M Puff Sleeve Trench Coat  in XS

Straight Leg Denim/Pair of Skinny Denim:  I put both options on here because some of my clients prefer one over the other.  Denim will never go out of style and the styling possibilities are endless.

The Tank Top: Whether you go with the traditional tank style or go for a ribbed silhouette and spaghetti strap its a solid piece that is a must.  I styled my black The Range tank with my sweats and and sneakers for an elevated on-the-go style.

The Elevated Sweat Pant: Even though we are living in sweats these days and probably 10 years ago these wouldn’t of been considered an essential, this shows you how much fashion and wearable fashion is now streamlined.  I love a great sweat pant I can travel in or dress up with a blazer. I’m wearing The Range double waist jogger in XS

The Topper:  A great blazer (or if your like me multiple blazers) is a wardrobe essential for any age.  Throw it on with your sweats as I mentioned above, a cocktail dress or dress up that denim and tank look with a blazer and a pump. Style Tip: Don’t forget to throw the blazer over your shoulder to add a bit of flare to your fit!

The White Tee: This is probably the essential of all essentials.  Now, lately I have switched to wearing more of a tee bodysuit but I always tell my clients a great fitting white, navy and grey tee is a must.  Throw it on with a sequin skirt or pair it with your denim and blazer. I’m wearing the Commando Tee Bodysuit XS

Luxury Jammies– One thing I’ve learned during this quarantine is how a pair of silk pj’s ,a little lip gloss, and mascara can make you feel glam all why never changing what you went to bed in.  You will thank me later on this. I’m wearing Natori size small.

Natori Silk Pajamas

You can shop all the items from my How I Style My Essentials Video below and don’t forget to click HERE to view the video!



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