How To Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet

If you didn’t know… 321 at Waters Edge is Fort Lauderdale’s newest luxury living high rise. It has incredible views, a very open floor plan, and incredible closets (the most important thing). ICYMI: Here’s the link to the video this blog post is all about, and you can see more of the closet space at 321 at Water’s Edge! Click here to watch.

As we are headed into a season change, here are a few tips to refresh, organize and keep your closet Sauci!

  1. ALWAYS have coordinating hangers. Not only does this make your closet feel more put together, but it helps your garments keep their shape, and it keeps all of your garments at the same height & width. Shop my favorite hangers here.

  2. Intimates can be tricky to organize or keep them organized, but with the drawer dividers linked here, I think you will find it much easier to keep your intimates all in one place. Not to mention, how satisfying it is to look in a drawer to find everything nice and neat. Am I right?!

  3. Sauci Tip: color coordinate your clothing from light to dark. Here’s another tip via The Closet Factory, Light to Dark – Start with white and gradually make your way to darker colors by sight. If colors become too similar use a dividing color in an accommodating color family. For example, separate navy blues from blacks by inserting a section of light blue clothing.

  4. Handbags are one of the if not THE most important accessory you can have in your closet! Sauci Tip: put your handbags on display in your closet – it makes your closet feel like a boutique! I love using purse pillows, or if you don’t have those, gather your old dust bags and stuff them into your handbag so they keep their shape.

  5. If you’re like me and have tons of sunglasses, this organizer is the PERFECT way to keep your sunglasses all in the same place and free from getting broken or lost. Shop it here!

  6. When organizing shoes, I like to see the shoe at multiple angles. I keep one shoe facing me and then I turn the other shoe to the side so I can see the rest of the shoe. This makes it much easier to see the entire shoe and not have to pull it out of its place. Sauci Tip: use boot shapers for your short & tall boots – shop them here & here!

  7. Last but not least, finishing touches! Lighting, fresh flowers and coffee table books. I personally love having fresh flowers and coffee table books in my closet just to make it feel more like I am getting more of an “experience” if you will. Getting dressed should be one of the most enjoyable times of your day! Shop my favorite coffee table books here & here.

Stay Sauci xx

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