I was skeptical about hiring a “stylist” as I thought I might know a thing or two about fashion. However, I found myself in a routine rut of wearing similar type clothing when I went out. Caitlin completely changed my look and I didn’t realize that I would actually enjoy wearing clothes that I would never consider if I were in a store. I didn’t’ realize the impact she had on me until my friends started complimenting me on my dress and I mean consistent compliments.  She is decisive and doesn’t send mixed messages….I love that it either works or it goes out. No wasted time dilly dallying. The look book takes the stress out of knowing what works. She has an easy way about her and doesn’t intimidate me as I try stuff on. I really don’t like to shop so Caitlin has really helped me. I also got rid of ancient clothing that I will never wear. My closet is so efficient now. I strongly recommend her and I welcome your phone call if you have any reservations.

Bill Bentz, Founder at WA Bentz Construction, President at WA Bentz Construction


I have been working with Caitlin at Sauci Style for a year.  I originally hired her for a closet rehab and then we created “looks” with my what was already in my closet.  From that point on, I was hooked!  I hired Caitlin to go shopping with me to update my wardrobe with a few key pieces that fit within my budget.  Since getting “Sauci-fied”, I have used Caitlin to pack me for long trips into just a carry-on and have even hired her to get me ready for special events.  Before I worked with Caitlin, my closet was filled with mix matched pieces that were outdated and ill-fitting…now, my closet is beautifully edited and filled with pieces that are perfect for me!  In fact, this weekend a salesperson at a high end department store complimented my handbag and outfit by saying it was “very relevant” for the season.  It made me feel so good!!!

Thank you, Caitlin!

Riley Reid, Fort Lauderdale, FL


I’ve always loved shopping.  But I have to admit that after college I constantly found myself buying more of a quantity of new clothes, rather than quality items.  After consulting with Caitlin of Sauci Style I have learned so much about how to mix and match some of the less expensive pieces with a unique, high quality top, skirt or shoes.  My experience with Caitlin started with a complete closet clean-out, and boy did I need it.  I think by the end of the 4 hour evening she had helped me gather several huge trash bags full of old shoes, accessories, and more clothes than I even knew I had!  It felt so great to organize my closet and keep only the things we knew I would wear, and get rid of the rest.  It literally felt like a fresh new start.  Caitlin has amazing eye for what looks great on me.  She grasped what I wanted to be my new personal style in a matter of hours, after my initial closet clean out.  I love how she embraced my desire to add some edgy pieces to my wardrobe, yet still understood my need to be practical and have versatile pieces as well.  Caitlin suggested quite a few things for my new “look” and the next time she came over she came stocked with my new winter wardrobe!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to add some new flats, jeans, jackets, and jewelry to my closet.  The best part of the experience with Caitlin is that if ever I’m unsure about something, she shows me how to wear it, and instantly I am reminded of her amazing sense of style.  Caitlin provides a service that isn’t just about shopping and buying new clothes.  Caitlin will actually show you how to mix and match some of the great pieces you have in your closet (and don’t even realize how great they are!) with a few current season essentials. Caitlin is especially great at mixing current trends with classy, timeless designs.  The end result has not gone unnoticed.  I have received so many positive comments from friends, family and colleagues.  The best part is that I feel so great and my new style has given me confidence and a desire to really have fun with my outfits every day.  Thank you Caitlin for continuously making ‘fashion’ such a fun experience, and for your professionalism and integrity.  I look forward to updating my look for summer soon!

Amanda Allen, Fort Lauderdale, FL


As someone who has never had a true ‘style’ defined, I only knew more of what I didn’t like. So out the gate, letting Caitlin know my laundry list of ‘don’ts’……”no skirts, no dresses, no pink, no lace, no bright colors” and “make me look femme but edgy”, she must have thought I was crazy. I’m actually surprised she took on the challenge because I was sure I would be her most boring client to dress. Caitlin has managed to not only help me define my style that goes well with my professional and my personal look, but she has managed to pull me out of my narrow-minded way of thinking towards clothes and opened my wardrobe up tenfold to everything, even gasp…color! Her attention to detail in the clothes she picks matching them with how she pays attention to my day to day needs has been wonderful. Her level of thoughtfulness shows in the clothes she’s pulled for me by paying attention to everything from my body type to what looks great against my skin tone. She truly pays attention to every detail to make sure I look my best. Everyone knows with a new wardrobe you can look great, but the best thing out of all this for me is that every piece she’s pulled for me is a true sentiment of my personality and I feel amazing. She clearly has a knack for not only picking out great clothes, but for finding what really makes a person feel good in the clothes they are wearing.

Adrienne McWilliams, Creative Director of Trikaya Creative Group


Caitlin was referred to me through a mutual friend. I was preparing for a trip to Las Vegas for my birthday and my friend suggested that Caitlin help me pack. Listening to her advice was one of the best moves I’ve ever made. If I had tried to pack on my own it would have taken me twice as long, I would have packed twice as much, and I would not have looked as good. 
Since, Caitlin has helped me pack for two more trips, cleaned out and organized my closet, and put different outfits together for me from the clothes I already had.

Not only have her services improved my style, but, they have also saved me money. Caitlin tells me exactly what key pieces I need. She is a sincerely honest woman who told me not to buy any more clothes, which made me feel like she really did care about my budget and about what she does.

Further, she is honest with me in a gentle way. The result is that I never wear anything that doesn’t flatter me and I always look like a million bucks.

I feel comfortable asking her many questions and she never seems annoyed. Also, she makes me feel important and not just like another client. She is a very kind hearted and friendly person, someone you wish you had as one of your best friends or bridesmaids. I know that she will always be there for me when I need her and that I will always look great without going over budget. I have learned so much from her as well.
 I did once use a personal stylist before her and did not have the same experience. When they cleaned out my closet, I felt criticized and like a fashion idiot.
 She has really given me a lot of confidence and in away happiness. I’ve always loved clothes and fashion but never knew how to put things together, now I feel like I’m getting it and I get compliments all the time.
 Now that I have Caitlin to consult with I don’t know how I dressed myself before her and I could not imagine not having her around. As far as I’m concerned everyone needs her in their lives and I highly recommend her.

Dr. Amy Armada, Fort Lauderdale, FL